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news & updates
Hey, I'm back! ;;
Hey guys!

I was moving to a new home for the last while and my internet got disconnected a long time ago (I was sharing with my neighbor) so I'm sorry about the lack of updates and responses to comments! I'm back though! I need to catch up on a lot lol I haven't fully set up my new digs yet but I'm at least a 1/4 of the way there! Basically cleaned my whole kitchen and part of the bathroom and figured out where some things go lol

I'm so sore from moving though today it was hard to even get out of bed! I should be more mobile in the next day or two LOL

Thanks for visiting while I was away!
Posted on 2016-05-20 || Leave a comment and eat some pie!

Supergirl added! ;;
Hey all!

New series added!! Supergirl and soon to come another.

I added 2 animated Supergirl avatars, as well as avatar bases to match.

I also added 1 facebook covering featuring Kara from Supergirl as well!! :D

Posted on 2016-02-11 || Leave a comment and eat some pie!